By mumu10

Jun 08, 2017



The first thing that came up to my mind when my friends ask me to join for Macau holiday is “I want to jump in Macau tower” Being an adventurous person is to do new things that I’ve never been done before. I wanna see things that are new to me. I wanna try to do new and exiting stuffs, like jumping at the Macau tower which is quite an adventure. well…I guess!”

As we arrived in Macau, my friends and I firstly decided to go St. Paul Ruins or what we called “putol na simbahan” in Tagalog. What I love going up to this place is because the free food trying of those being sold.. Can you imagine if you taste all the food? Superb! We have free snack!! lol but that is not the end of the crazy stuffs we did, that is just the beginning.

At night time, we went to the Seaside where we could see the Macau Tower. It’s a month of September which usually has a fireworks competition in Macau. We grabbed some beer while we were waiting for the show to start. Beer is good to heathen up the body in the cold weather especially, Tsingtao - my taste of beer! Being fascinated with the fireworks we didn’t realize that we drank too much and we still had a lot places to go tomorrow, but who cares anyways, we are all here to enjoy!

The next morning, after we had breakfast, we decided to go to Taipa to see Venetian Hotel. But sad to say we didn’t make it, because we suddenly changed our plan and went to Macau tower instead. We were all excited at first. Everyone has the fighting spirit to make it. Maybe because we are still in the spirit of alchohol, LOL!!, but when we were already on the line I was starting to get panic and at that time I was thinking “it will only take seconds and its done”. It’s almost my time and my hands were sweating. But I could not back out now. I already paid and it was NO REFUND! The couple of seconds and it would be done, these had been repeating on my mind, but it’s not helping me at all.

Anyway, I had to do this. While they’re putting my waist protector and tying my feet I could feel that my body is shivering, I was just saying OK to every instructions that they’re telling me but the truth was my brain was not absorbing it. And, here we go it’s my turn! I could feel the numbness of my body. But there was no turning back now. Before I knew it, I was already in my position with my arm on my both sides - titanic style. My god! What have I’ve got myself into?? The rope was pulling me down! That’s the last word that came out to my mouth and the guide just laughed and said. “head first grazie” but ooppsss!! Okayy, wrong jump! I jumped through my feet. What do you expect! I was nervous yow! I was shouting through my lungs. But with my second shout I could feel the relief and I was enjoying it already. When I opened my eyes, I felt calm and my adrenaline rush was killing me. I was enjoying it a lot, as I reached the bottom I could say that my hangover was gone. Jumping at Macau tower was one of the best cures for hangover. The most expensive and shortest way to cure hangover! lol!

Our last day in Macau, we focused on luring around Taipa and saw the magnificent hotels that Macau has. We went to Venetian hotel. Venetian has the Venice-style bat where you could ride while, someone is singing. Though, we never tried it I knew its fun. And, God! the hotel was so big. It has a shopping area and restaurants inside where you can eat. The second hotel that we’d been through was the Sheraton. What I like about this hotel are the hanging butterflies. It looks fascinating indeed.

At nighttime, we went to see the dancing fountain of Wynn Hotel. “Wow!” All I can say is wow! The water was truly dancing with the beat of the music. It’s like it has a mind on its own. At that time, I was thinking maybe I could stay a little bit longer..”naahh!! Maybe Nextime!!


Macau has been colonized by Portuguese since 16th century; this is where its modern grandiosity and old charming Mediterranean atmosphere came from. While its flashy and extravagant lifestyle evoked by casinos and nice hotels. Macau is famous because its gambling industry, which includes Wynn Macau, Hotel Lisboa, Sands Macau, Galaxy Hotel, and of course the Venetian Hotel Macao.