NYC-New Young City

By A dirty little boy

Jun 19, 2017

NYC-New Young City

Hello, Welcome back to the Dirty Little Boy from Thailand! I will take you to a new world country, “America “, this time. I flew by Qatar Airway which took around 23-25 hours meanwhile, price was around USD1,420. Even if it was very long distance, but fun. My motivation of this trip came from Alicia Keys and Jay Z who sing “New York” song. I follow the places in music I’ve heard.

On the way to each place, I had a conversation with many people. This trip definitely fulfilled my life and inspired me to be a part of….New York.

In New York, the structure of city and streets are well-organized and ease for walk and travel around, as it is very well-planned and constructed for everybody. The street model is mainly divined into uptown, midtown, downtown or West, East, North, and South. I always felt young while, I was walking in the street because New York is a city of working-age people. You will see…..concrete jungle, bridges, big lights, subway, or even river.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is located in the eastern river of New York City. It's a very nice place for sightseeing; it's a good walk though. The bridge links two cities - Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can exercise, run, ride bicycle there. For me, this is a classic bridge like an old time. I was luckily deserved to see beautiful bridge set in a perfect day, early morning with uncrowded. It is such a great place and I was really impressed.

I wanted to feel and observed the bridge at noon and night; it’s pretty cold at noon with chill and amazing view.

Riverside chilling

Yes! It was eleven o’s clock at night and there were few people, the bridge remained wonderful and amazing though. You can easily take a walk; do not miss when you visit New York!!

Times Square

You must experience Times Square to understand why it is very special place of New York - many people, decorative lights and walkways.

Despite Times Square is very crowded, it was amazingly beautiful with decorative lights, as similar as what I could remember and imagined several times when I was young. Anyway, I would recommend to visit Times Square in both nighttime and daytime, for different views.

Hard Rock Café

On the other day, I went to Hard Rock Café in Times Square; it is featured as half-museum and café with an inspired collection of music memory. Better recommend if you love music!

Several collections of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Billy Joel, Elvis Presley etc. are also played at the café. Wall is decorated with contemporary items including stage costumes of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. The Times Square Café also features Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia from artists with New York ties such as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, or Bruce Springsteen.

Central park

I had a chance to shortly visit Central Park. Simply said, it was a sightseeing walk through the city. This is a beautiful park located in downtown and lovely park that I’ve ever walked in my life. The park is very clean and well designed with shades of trees and flowers, feeling like it always welcomes people to spend their precious time and create memorable moments. I’d recommend you to do exercise or take a stroll in garden, with plenty of birds.

Ice Skating at Central Park

If you’re lazy to walk, there is a Horse Carriage and rental bike.

Broadway, Empire state

I went to Broadway and Empire State during daytime. It’s very crowded and difficult to take a photo of the Charging Bull therefore; I decided to have street foods and went to Empire State for a walk instead. People and tourists who visit the Charging Bull at Empire State want to take photos with the bull because it is a landmark showing that you’ve been there!

Empire State and attractions around

The Wall Street Bull or Charging Bull is a bronze sculpture - the Bull's head is lowered, its nostrils flare, and its wickedly long, sharp horns are ready to gore. It seems very angry and dangerous beast. The muscular body twists to one side, and the tail is curved like a lash: the Bull is also energetic and in motion. The bull is in movie Wolf of Wall Street and many movies. For me, this place is a nice place for observations.

The Oculus (The World Trade Center) - A Modern Architecture Building

This is a new building, as it was prior World Trade Center building, located next to the 9-11 memorial as Word Trade Center was attacked. I would say it’s a tall building with high-technology featured inside. The highly anticipated and expensive new World Trade Center transportation hub was set to finally open to the public after years of construction. It's a mall with variety stores. Of course, those stores are high-end, stylish, specialty and selected shops.

I loved the ways of interior and decorative lights inside the Oculus on a sunny day with the beautiful reflections of the sky on the building.

Last Day in New York

It’s time to say goodbye to NYC as well as the time to say goodbye and see you again, my fans. I was very sad since I had spent very good moments meeting nice people here. As it’s the last day, I was trying to visit as many places as possible. I went around my place, Rockyfeller Center, Times Square, China Town, Little Italy, Soho Street, Radio City Hall.

I deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who read and follow my stories.

Soho Street

Radio City Hall

Times Square at 3 a.m.