By mumu10

Jun 19, 2017


It’s more fun in the Philippines, people say! Oh yes it is! But what you will not miss about the Philippines is about the beautiful places that they have, like Cebu, Palawan, Boracay, and the summer capital of the Philippines my home town - Baguio city. Filipinos were known to be very “palakaibigan” and “pakikisama” friendly and easy to deal with in English.

Philippines have many islands that you can’t imagine, 7,107 islands to be exact. WOW! If you love beach you must not miss El Nido Palawan. I’m in love that’s the first thing came up in my mind just when I saw El Nido Palawan. In 21 years of my life, El Nido Palawan is my first out of town and I never regret of coming to the place. Although it takes us half day to be in the place, but who cares if you have a beautiful scenery and nice place to lure around. I can see Palawan as how I can see myself. Young wild and free - YOUNG because it’s new to my eyes, new place to relax, WILD because party is here..every teenage dream.. be drunk and be wasted and FREE because in here you can do whatever you want. No chaperones around just you and your friends. No limitations for happiness.. but I need to control myself or else I will be kick out in my own house!! LOL! And I want more out of town guys!

“Big lagoon baby.. big lagoon” that is where we first went it’s like a big aquarium that’s full of fish and the mountain serves as the walling of the lagoon - crystal clear water makes us alive.. What do you expect, we live in the mountains yow! We were like a grade school kids that’s having a fieldtrip in the aquarium planet. Everyone is happy and excited to jump in the water. Oh my god! nobody told us that the water would be very cold! but after staying at the water for 5 mins the water become refreshing and relaxing..we love it.

The second place that we went is the Snake Island..Does snake island have a lot of snakes? LOL that’s a crazy metaphor but why it is called snake island, I don’t know too..while we are on our way to the snake island the tour guide told us the snake island is not literally have a snake on the place..they called it snake because it has a way pathway of sand that connect to the other island.. Ahh!! So that is the snake.. the long sand connect to the other island! Just get it guys... No need to ask for more explanation.. lol

The next morning, my friends and I plan to visit the Hidden beach or what they called “Secret Beach”.. if you know about the author Alex Garland, this is where he stayed while he was writing his novel “The Beach” that has been played by Leonardo de Carpio. The secret beach is concealed by cliffs and you can only get through it by entering a narrow crevice, when the boatman announced secret place, my friends and I just look at each other! Where? Where is it? We are actually standing in front of the cliffs and water.. Everybody got furious, until one of my friends told us.. that is why its called secret beach.. we need to search for it. Until the boatman point a small hole in the wall… Oh my god! No way.. I’m gonna dive down to the hole just to go in to the secret place. I’m gonna be dead! But with the help of the life vest, goggles, flippers and snorkel, we jump into the boat and swam to karst cliff..at last secret beach.. All I can say is that I can stay to this place for a long time, and having a secret beach party here would be a blast. All of us just got mesmerized from the place. The struggle and pain that we felt going inside is worth it. This is what you called “hidden paradise”.

After we go home, we make our way to the Matinloc Shrine to get a nice view before we go back to our home…it is formally known as our lady of Matinloc, though the place is already neglected it’s still a nice place to go.. The view is a nice site to remember before we make our way home..while I have my one last look.. I promise to myself.. I will see you again el nido!