By mumu10

Jul 06, 2017


Travelling would be one of the nicest parts of everybody’s life, especially if I’m with my crazy friends. It’s part of our lives when we can relax and it’s a relaxation time for the bunch of misfits.

Before the school started, my friends and I planned to go to Cebu for a relaxation before we’re going to have a long year of stress and also to relax ourselves from having a brain damage again. Nursing school somehow makes students crazy sometimes..LOL!

After an adventurous one-day travel, the bunch of misfit students was already in Cebu. LOL! But that doesn’t matter now..If you want to have some nice time you need to feel torture first and that’s what we got… after a day of torture is time for us to relax.

Hello Bantayan! Bantayan is unexplainable white sand like flour. This island conveys a sense of serenity and lavish relaxation. Once we arrived at Ogtong Cave Resort, one of my schoolmates told us that we needed to take a couple of hours to rest first before we looked around, but sad to say, that couple of hours resting became a half day rest.. What a waste!

Yet, lucky for us that we stayed at Ogtong Cave Resort because at this resort we could do a lot of things already.. no need for us to go to other places. From swimming to the beach, dipping the pool, and exploring the Ogtong Cave. Can you imagine a resort with a cave inside its facilities? In the middle of the resort to be exact! Awesome!

After a half-day rest and were already in our full energy we decided to check out the Ogtong Cave, it’s a small cave with a pristine view inside. It has aqua fresh water. The water is very soothing to the skin. Heaven!

The next morning we went to visit the Virgin Island.. if Batayan has a white sand like flour. Virgin Island has whiter sand and transparent water that glittering as the sun touches the claiming waves of the sea. It’s a breathtaking view, but because Virgin Island didn’t have electricity we needed to go back to our hotel before the sun had set. You can camp with a lump too if you want. As soon as we arrived back to Ogtong Cave Resort we decided to have a dinner in the open restaurant which was good for kwentuhan (talking session about anything under the sun.)

Our 4th day in Cebu, we decided to go to Oslob Island because we wanted to experience swimming with the butanding (whale sharks). It’s a long travel again but who cares we were here already in Cebu, we needed to see everything we planned to see. We arrived at Oslob Island late night from Batayan so we had a lot of time to rest from our roller coaster ride. LOL! It’s a long day for us so we needed a good rest for tomorrow adventurous. We waked up around 5:30 am to go to the area early.

And, it’s a perfect morning in Oslob. I was in awe of the view. With the smell of the fresh air I could feel that it’s going to be a good day for us. Everything was beautifully made. As we arrived in Brgy, Tan-awan (because we stayed in the other village), we had a briefing for 5 minutes, they told us that we could swim with the Whale Shaks for 30 minutes.

We paid PHP500 which already included the snorkeling gear, a life vest, and an additional PHP300 for getting close to the Whale Shark. People say it’s expensive, but heyyy! It is a rare thing why do we need to complain. After queuing, it’s time for shark interaction. The boatman brought us to where the whale sharks were. I was astounded how big the creature is.

I was speechless and amazed. I never thought that I could swim with the whale shark that were close to (4 meters was not that far). It was a blessing to Oslob Island that they have scenery like that and I’m happy for the people of Oslob Island because they were very

hospitable to us by helping us about everything and for being responsible and caring with the gentle giants. We went back to our resort after our swim to the whale sharks and pack our things. Our interaction with the whale shark was a great experience and we will always remember that with our whole life but it’s times to go back home and faced the reality.. Hanging out was over! We needed to face another school year of stress. But, as what our one instructor told us “if there is struggle, there is happiness.” and I am thinking where we are going next for adventure..LOL!