By mumu10

Jul 18, 2017

Be Dirty and Wild


First time that I stepped in Arizona I could say that this place is so hot and I thought I would get bored in here. Since I didn’t have friends, my routine would be school and home, and definitely school and home. Until one time I met a guy at school and we became friends, upon talking to him he asked if I wanted to go for a camp. And, since I want to see what kind of places are in Arizona, I definitely said yes. Early morning my friend came and picked me up from my house. I was amazed that he brought an off-road vehicle. I was thinking now where were we going. We traveled for 3 hours from my home until we reached a lake named “Lake Havasu City”.

I thought that this was where were we were going to camp but my friend told me that we still needed to hike for 2 miles to get to the waterfall, sounded very exciting but I thought my body needed to do a lot of work in here. (Sure it is..) When we arrived at the trailhead, my friend asked me to carry a camp bag. He prepared for everything because it was my first time to hike in Arizona , except for extra clothes. Of course..(Very thoughtful right?)

The trail is downhill on the way to the waterfall and you need to be careful of the wild donkeys. Along the trails, you could see hikers riding bikes and site seeing. A lot of people do camping.

When you arrive to the waterfalls a lot of people were swimming and jumping to the cliff, as they are all having fun. You can see some off-road vehicle and ATVs (some tourists drove up to the hill but my friend prefers hiking because it’s more fun, he said) we fixed our tent and rest for a while until my friend asked me to go swimming.

The water is so nice and I did have fun. After a couple of hours of swimming, we prepared our things and went back to our car. The trail going back is uphill so I struggled a lot but it was ok because I did have fun with my new friend and I know next time I will have fun more and I’m beginning to like Arizona.


Havasu Falls has a blue color because of the Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium that feeds it. The water gets the blue color from the Magnesium and as the water gets deepen the Carbonate is slowly released from the water causing the water bluer. The creek originates from a spring, and rarely deviates from 70-degree Fahrenheit year round.

You can also check Fossil creek, Sedona and Grand Canyon of Arizona. And be amazed by the place like I did.