Picture Perfect in Santorini

By mumu10

Aug 04, 2017

Picture Perfect in Santorini

Having an unplanned travel is the best thing ever. Like my best friend and I only planned to go out of town and now here we were sitting down having wine glass in our hands looking at the beautiful sunset here in Santorini. It’s a perfect idyllic getaway from the stress of work and daily life.

When we arrived in Athens Greece where my aunt lives, we planned to go the famous Santorini. Many movies have been shooting here like Tomb Rider, Mamma Mia, The Sisterhood Travelling Pants, and For The First Time (Filipino movie). I want to experience what they have been experienced and I want to see the places with my eyes. Upon arriving at Santorini everything was perfect: the water, the sunset, the flower, or even riding a donkey. Splendid! And, not only that the hotel was very cheap - only EUR10 per person and night (maybe because it’s not peak season). Peak or low season is not important, yet what important is we are here…. at Santorini.

After we had our relaxing view, we went for a walk. Santorini is a never ending stairs so pack a very light bag if you want to look around or just your camera and water would be ok. We saw a lot of couples walking around. I wanted to see some smashing plates same as the movie for the first time but I couldn’t see anything.

And, of course, we didn’t miss to taste all the delicious foods that they have. My friend and I tried the Saganaki - it’s a greek lamb. With the match of Pinot Noir (Heavy Red Wine), we had a mouthful dinner.

The next morning when we were on our way to the beach, we passed by an ice cream house and we tried the Visanto Gelato which everybody is talking about and I could say it’s the best ice cream I’ve never tasted. It has a unique flavor and it’s not expensive too. When we reached the beach, I saw that beach in Santorini didn’t have a white sand, but red and black volcanic pebbles due to their special geographic features.

This makes the view more unique. After having fun in the beach, we finished our stay in Santorini by luring around the white village called Oia(ee-ah). Everywhere that you look at Oia is like a picture in the postcard. Everything is magnificent from white houses to the view of the beach. After that, we went to the spot where a lot of people were waiting for the sunset.

We waited too and it’d been an hour after we took a nice picture. We moved over to other place. We cannot miss every single place in Oia.

I’d been to lot of places and Santorini is not a disappointment. It’s as beautiful as you couldn’t imagine and it’s good that we went here. I know Santorini will always stay in my memory. Maybe I’ll come back again for honeymoon. LoL!