A City For Girls Getaway and Shopping

By mumu10

Aug 22, 2017

A City For Girls Getaway and Shopping

Soaring skyscrapers, crowded place, nice shopping malls, nice tourist spots.. it’s Hong Kong. Hong Kong is always the busiest city, not only for Hong Kong people, but also for tourists.

Hong Kong for me would be one of the nicest places for shopping. Not because it’s cheap, because you have a lot of choices to shop, they have big malls Sogo, Festival Walk, City Walk. But what I like about Hong Kong is their food.

Since it’s winter when I went to try their Shabu Shabu.. I rode MTR going to Jordan, as there was a place of a buffet Shabu-Shabu and it’s very cheap.. You’re just gonna pay HKD50 and you would have a happy tummy.

Ohh.. don’t forget about Dim Sum too. For me, Hong Kong Dim Sum is the best. Dim Sum means “touch the heart”. After having a superb meal, I went to look around what I could buy until my feet brought me to Mongkok - a lot of nice stuffs you can buy in Mongkok are in a very cheap price, (no need to go to malls everything are here - from toys to clothes, shoes and bag. If you have HKD500, you can buy a lot of stuffs already (nice for shopping).

My 2nd day in Hong Kong, my cousin asked me to go to the Peak with her because it’s her day off. At first, I thought we’re gonna ride a bus, but did not. We rode a tram going up. (My god I’m kinda nervous because the way up to the peak is very steep). Sometimes the tram stops like its struggling going up, but when we arrived at the peak. My nervousness vanished because the view from the peak is so breathtaking. You can see the entire Hong Kong from here. After taking photos, we decided to go down already and this time we rode a bus..i couldn’t imagine the tram going down! Lol

After the peak, we went to Causeway Bay and around.. it’s almost Christmas and Causeway Bay has a lot of decorations that was very nice in the eyes and good to take photo with. I never miss the chance. Good thing if you know someone who knows the place already ..you will not have a problem in looking for the place you want to go. As, it was Sunday, my cousin asked me to go to Central Hong Kong to meet our co-Filipinos and WOW! There were a lot of Filipinos in this place as they were everywhere. But because I still wanted to look around, I asked my cousin if we still could go to the famous Tsim Tsa Tsui - Walk of Fame. We rode a boat from Central Hong Kong to Tsim Tsa Tsui, it’s a nice ride because it’s bumpy making our way to Tsim Tsa Tsui more exciting. Though it’s kinda scary, but it’s still a nice ride. After we saw the walk of fame, we did have a nice view at the sea side. It’s nightfall and made the view nicer, I definitely love it. Having a day with my cousin was really worth it.. See you again Hong Kong for my next holiday.