Heaven in Moscow, Russia

By A dirty little boy

Mar 20, 2017

Heaven in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, where the heaven of Europe and a place of art and food take place... I would like to introduce and suggest what you must do and where to visit in Moscow. I’d spent 3 days in Moscow and other 4 days in Saint Petersburg. It was my 1st time in Russia and I would consider it as the best country in Europe because I do love arts and foods which are pretty different from other countries. I flew with 3 friends by Aeroflot Airline with THB22,000 fare from Bangkok to Moscow.

On the 1st day, I bought a local sim card at RUB500-800. After that, I went to Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral where tourists normally go. I recommend to take Public Metro for transportation in Russia and those stations are extremely stunning. I bought a ticket priced RUB500 to look around Kremlin meanwhile, snow was coming. I would say the Kremlin was more beautiful with snow covered.

By the way, if you love shopping, you should go “Gum” shop, where’s opposite to Kremlin, as it’s represented in modern classic or a universal store like “Siam Paragon”, a famous department store in Thailand. In the Gum shop, Russian foods are sold, for me its Russian-style is very cute.

After a long day, I felt so starving. I then went to “White Rabbit” restaurant by Uber (price rate is similar to the rate in Thailand), as well-known in Moscow with Sky top view.

I have a tip to tell you that you need to take off your jacket before you sit at the table, as it traditional norm in Europe. That’s fine for me. Well, I got the table next to the window. I had Rabbit Foie Gras with Lamp for main course.

It was very cold on the 2nd day at (-2 Celsius). I’d planned to visit Izmailovo market and a goal to have meals at 2 famous restaurants. Let’s see… It was very easy to buy the ticket at one price and you can go everywhere (one round). As the plan, I visited Izmailovo for the first place to meet the local people and have some local food.

I’d walked around an hour after that I had lunch at Café Pushkin by Uber it was very famous in local. The restaurant is decorated like an old library room with Russian tradition food.

A perfect dinner at Turandot Restaurant

After I finished having dinner at the previous restaurant, I returned to the hotel to pick up my luggage and set off to Saint Petersburg. The trip was very fun. People in Russia are very nice with delicious and tasty food in splendid art decoration.