Saint Petersburg (Continue from Moscow)

By A dirty little boy

Mar 27, 2017

Saint Petersburg (Continue from Moscow)

After Turandot restaurant, I went back to room, as needed some sleep and I somehow felt excited to what I will experience tomorrow. I already got a scheduled ticket for Sapsan train (High-speed train).

I caught the train from Moscow Leningradsky Station to Saint peterburg and this path took around 4 hours with price per person between USD75-90 (price range depends on the day you book. If you book online, you can either print out the ticket or show your email directly to confirm the seats.) Here is the website to book high speed train tickets >>

Russian girl (owner)

“Peterhof” go by metro and minibus (van)

The weather in Sait Petersburg on my 1st day was at -4 Celsius. I woke up with my travel inspiration to visit Peterhof Peterhof Palace, (Russian Versailles). I took the nearest metro where I could easily reach in order to go to Avtovo station (shortest way). Then, take the exit and across the street. Go underground path and turn right to the exit, you’ll see the bus with drivers (They will always shout “Peterhof!” calling for more passengers). The price was at RUB70 and travel time is approximately 35-40 minutes. (Visitors are not allowed to take photos inside the palace.)

Walked through the park

Neva River (at the end of the path walk)

If you’re in Saint Peterburg , you must go Neva River! It nestled in a dominant natural feature. For myself, here is the most beautiful place in Europe I’ve ever seen. Hahahaha

I’ve spent around 3-4 hours to soak up the atmosphere here. I then went back to the room and took some nap while, waiting for a dinner ^^

My friend recommended “Ресторан «Мансарда” restaurant for my dinner. It’s very famous restaurant with delicious food, nice view and affordable price for tourists. I had soup and lamp.

I’m very proud to be here and thank my friends for your recommendation.
Next day, I’ve planned to go the Church of The Savior at Blood and Winter palace. I walked to the palace since it is not far from my room and tourists are allowed to take a picture here. Entrance fee is RUB250.

Once you visited the Church of The Savior at the palace, you’ll see that imagine how beautiful it was in old time religion with the very detail wall.
After that I went to Winter Palace where the architecture reveals and shows the hermitage of winter palace. You should have prepared yourself for long walk because the palace is extremely huge. Inside the Winter Palace, there are beautiful arts and thrones in long time ago. Entrance fee is another RUD500-600. I cannot remember the accurate amount. >,<

On the last day in Saint Petersburg, I wanted it to be themed of chill day. Most of the time, I just ate and took a walk in areas around where I stayed. Buying some souvenirs was one of the important things to do. I decided to have breakfast in front of Kazan Cathedral. The taste was nice for me as I had Potato Gyoza. I had Country Sandwich for lunch and steak for dinner. I think steak cooking in Russia is pretty similar to those that have cooked in European countries.

For lunch


Thank you for your interest in my story. This is my second time of blog writing. You may also read my first story by Click Here. I am so thankful and very excited that it will be published on Hope this is useful for my readers.

See you in next exciting trip!