Enjoyable experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By mumu10

May 14, 2017

Enjoyable experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Traveling to Thailand is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. The place is magnificent. Thai people are warming and accommodating but, what I’ve liked the most is the temple structures. The best temple that I’ve ever been is “Wat Phra That Doi Suthep” of Chiang Mai.

The temple is said to be the most important temple of Thailand. It is 3,542 high above sea level. There are two ways of getting to the peak of the temple. First is riding an incline lift just by paying THB20 and the second one is walking 309 steps that most of the devout do to pilgrim. The stairs are flanked by a huge Naga. A Naga is a snake from underwater creature from Buddhist mythology.

Myths have been luring around about the temple. According to the most popular legend, there was a monk from Sukhothai named Sumanatera that had the possession of a relic and it was believed to be Buddha’s shoulder and had magical powers. The monk brought the relic to the Lanna but just by arriving to Lanna, the relic split into two.

By choosing for a sacred place to put the relic, they put the bigger piece at the back of the white elephant. And, as the story goes by, the elephant climb the Doi Suthep Mountain and trumpeted three times, turned around three times, and knelt before he dies. They take this as a sign to build miraculous shrine for the relic.

The temple was built in bell shape that is popular chedi shape in Chiang Mai since 21st century and still magnificent and withstood two earthquakes. Thus, they need to do extensive repairs because of the massive damage of the temple in the second earthquake in order to strengthen the temple’s structure.

The inside of the temple will not only give you a terrific sight but you can also see a panoramic view of the country side from the white balustrade that surrounds the main deck.

What’s good about the temple is that… everything that you needed is already inside the pavilion. Souvenir shop and snack house if you want to rest for a while.

The temple is not hard to locate because it’s every popular in Thailand. All you have to do is drive 15 kilometers away from the city and you will already have a great view, great people to mingle with and a great positive energy that anybody would want to have.