Seoul, Until I Find My Seoul

By DoubleTisme

Jun 01, 2017


Until I Find My Seoul

Nowadays, Korean culture has been spread around the world, as well as Social Medias of Korea that are powerful and dynamic amongst netizens. I am one of those who are fallen in love with South Korea and I obviously have a dream to visit Seoul someday. After I graduated from university, I had a 10-day trip in South Korea.

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1. Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

On the first day, I went to Gyeong Buk Palace. This place is an old palace of Korea with a long history and if you look around, there will be a lot of children come to visit and study their history. The ticket is cost 10,000 won but, entrance fee is waived when tourists wear Hanbok suite to visit the palace. At the information center, there are so many translators to service tourists.

2. Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

After the palace, I went to Bukcheon Hanok Village. This is an old village with beautiful scenes for photo shooting around the village area, better to wear Hanbok suite to taking shots. There have many handmade products available for your shopping.

3. Myeong-dong (명동)

Myeongdong is the biggest shopping street in Seoul. Have a lot of shopping mall in this area. Tourists can find street food in Myeondong, as many as cosmetic shops.

4. Hongdae (Hongik University Street) (홍대)

I really love this area because there have a lot of restaurants and shopping malls selling in affordable price. Hongdae Street is nearby Hongik University, as seen in numerous numbers of the famous pubs and restaurants (some restaurants open 24 hours). In Hongdae area, there has busking area for whose talent (singing and dancing) to perform.

5. Nami Island (남이섬)

Before I traveled to Nami Island by train, I had a lunch at port area. Nami Island is a natural area with creations like birds and squirrel, trees and flowers. Price was around 8,000 won for round trips.

6. Trick Eye Museum - 트릭아이미술관

Trick Eyes museum is a 3D-picture museum whereas; tourists will be engaged to take photos. It open all year round from 09.00 AM to 9.00 PM. Tour course includes Trick Eye Museum, Ice Museum and Carnival Street.

7. Pyeonghwa or Nuri Peace Park

Paju is located nearby boundary between North Korea and South Korea. If you would like to go to Paju, you can find more information at visitkorea website.