Content posted on Aug 29, 2017

10 Places to Visit in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is situated in Northern part of Thailand surrounded by mountains and lush countryside. It has many historical and wonderful places to escape and hideaway.
Chiang Mai just got the second best tourism cities in the world from Travel + Leisure magazine.

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Tha Pae Walking Street (Sunday Market)
1. Tha Pae Walking Street (Sunday Market)
Start at Tha pae Gate and runs along the length of Ratchadamnoen. Best known for its showcase of the art, crafts, music and food with handmade quality goods and souvenirs that echo the spirit of Northern Thailand. Tha Pae Walking Street is a perfect place for souvenir shopping at a reasonable price.Walking Street Market Every Sunday, from 4pm until midnight, one of Chiang Mai’s great weekly events takes place.
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Wat phra That Doi suthep

2. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep


Wat Phra That is the wondrous and holy temple which is located near the top of Doi Suthep. On reaching the top you are greeted with the sight of the golden spire which decorates the centre of the mountain top temple. The walls around the spire form are richly decorated with historical murals and shrines.

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Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribe Village

3. Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribe Village


To Learn hill tribe’s lifestyle which are contain with Lahu, Padong and the Long Neck Karen. You will be amazed with their native talents including daily farm work such as making scarecrows, ridding weeds in the paddy fields, and demonstrating rice pouring from the watermill.

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Ban Pa Bong Piang

4. Ban Pa Bong Piang


Ban Pa Bong Piang is loacated on Mae Jam district. Traveller will enjoy beautiful scenery. This place will plenty of rice terrace and corn, in the morning guest will stunning with golden rice field when the sun reflect with rice field.

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5.  Doi Ang Khang National Park


Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station is a demonstration site for planting and researching flowering plants, temperate fruit trees, vegetables and other crop under the patronage of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

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Doi Inthanon National Park

6. Doi Inthanon National Park


Also known as "The Roof of Thailand", Doi Inthanon National Park covers an area of 482 km² in Chiang Mai province north of Thailand. The park is part of the Himalayan mountain range, altitude ranges between 800 and 2565 meters with the highest peak at Doi Inthanon which is the highest mountain in Thailand. Due to the high altitude, the park has high humidity and cold weather all year round. The average daily temperatures are normally around 10-12 °C.

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Mae Se Elephant Camp

7. Mae Se Elephant Camp


Mae Se Elephant Camp is presented the highlighting talent and ingenuity of the elephants. Visitors can see the elephants working with trainer, bathing in the bridge over the river and even painting landscapes.

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 Mae Sa Waterfall

8. Mae Sa Waterfall


It is located at 7km on the Mae Rim - Samoeng Road, 26 km from Chiang Mai city. It contain with multi-tier waterfall consists of 10 levels. Each level is different in size but just shallow enough to stay inside. This place is a popular weekend spots for tourist.

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Ratchaphruek garden

9. Ratchaphruek Garden


The Royal Park Ratchaphruek sits in Mae Hia sub-district and covers an area of 240,000 square meters, divided into different zones you need to spend the whole day here. Perched at the center is an authentic Lanna architecture of Ho Kham Luang Royal Pavilion where a painting exhibition about the life and works King Bhumibol is displayed inside. There another variety zone waiting for visitor ;Orchid Garden, World of Insects, Rare Plants and Corporate Zone.

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Wat Chedi Luang

10. Wat Chedi Luang


Wat Chedi Luang's premises are several structures of great cultural significance, including the city pillar (Intakin). At its peak, the chedi was once the home of the Emerald Buddha, wiharn housing the principal Buddha image and a giant gum tree guarding the temple’s entrance.

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